6 Ways to Wear the Seasonless Skirt

When the Seasonless Skirt launched last year (in warm weather) I raided my closet for a “10 Ways to Wear the Seasonless Skirt” post. (It was really fun!)

Since this skirt is truly seasonless, I wanted to give it a cold-weather approach. Here are six ideas for pairing the skirt in winter!

The Seasonless Skirt is also on sale, as part of our NEW YEAR SALE.

$52 / S, M, L / Black and Plum (comes with a reversible belt, too!)

Here they are!



OXFORD+ Black Seasonless Skirt with a black Jersey Popover, tall boots, and a cardigan. Without the cardigan, it’s like a long-sleeve midi-length dress.



+ Black Seasonless Skirt, belted, with longsleeve top. I also pulled it up around my chest for a “dress” look, and used a thin black belt secured around my high waist to create a more fitted look up top.



SWEATER+ I’ve been layering a lot lately with the Wrapped Cardigan and sweater cardigans. Here, I’m just wearing the Seasonless Skirt as dress (like a tube top) with tights, wool socks, boots, and layered up cardigans. Far right, I’m still wearing the tube-top-dress, with an almost-cropped sweater over top.


PLAIN+ Zipped-up crop jacket with base layers underneath. Tights or lined leggings would make this look even warmer!



Kristin Glenn

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