6 Ways to Wear the Winter Jenny Dress | STYLE FEATURE

It’s been a big long week, but it couldn’t end without this weekly style feature!

(If you’re new, you can see past style features here and here.)

The Winter Jenny Dress is only available in limited colors and sizes, and we won’t be recreating this piece until next winter.  (Only two more cold-weather pieces coming out before the snow thaws!)

If you’re curious about what’s coming next:

The perfect tee we voted on months ago is right around the corner. I’ll be picking up a batch of them this weekend, and cannot wait. (I even slept in my sample last night.) (Yes, it’s that comfy.)

After that, we’ll see the Reversible Raglan and those secretive “Skinny Sweats” in limited quantities.

For today, though, it’s all about the Winter Jenny dress.

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(And me, the day after our shoot, because I couldn’t help myself.)


Stay warm,




Kristin Glenn

Hi! I'm Kristin, the founder / designer at Seamly.co. A few years ago, I became obsessed with sustainable fashion, co-founding {r}evolution apparel and Kickstarting "the Versalette" -- without knowing how to sew industrially or draft a pattern. Now, I'm going back to the basics, and learning how this big fashion machine works...


  1. Kristin – You brighten my first Sundays! Thanks for your kind thoughts and communications! Nell

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