Back in Action

It’s 5p on Sunday, and I’m still getting back into the swing of things. It’s been a strange and wonderful couple of weeks.

Back in March, I spent a weekend in Vail taking photographs at the American Ski Classic. I haven’t taken on many photography projects in the last year, but this one was particularly amazing and I couldn’t pass it up. So I spent two days running up and down a mountain snapping skiers, making a little money to invest into

Immediately after, I headed to the airport for a mini-vacation of sorts, to visit my sister before her first baby is born (!) and celebrate my BFF’s wedding in New Orleans. (So good.)

It’s amazing to just walk away from sometimes.

But luckily, it’s pretty amazing to walk back into it, too.

Before I dive head-first into this next week, I wanted to send along an update on what’s in stock. It’s not always easy to tell by the website (something I want to change) so here’s a most-recent list of sizes and colorways available.

AND, keep an eye out for the Seasonless Skirt launching this week. If you’re not already on our mailing list, sign up here — these folks get first dibs!


What's-In-StockHere’s a little sneak of the next style — you voted on your favorite colors, so black and dark plum will be available, plus several different variations on the belt!




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