How it’s Made: The Utility Jacket

Hopefully, you know that we’re in the middle of a big Kickstarter campaign for our latest jacket – a 4-in-1 lightweight jacket that can be worn anywhere.

We reached our goal in just over 22 hours, so I gave the go-ahead to start production. We’ve already cut all of our fabric, and several finished pieces are starting to come off the line.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been snapping photos of the process. Here’s a compilation of – “the making of” in photos. Enjoy, and thank you all so very much for helping spread the word. We’re about to hit $18,000!


Hong is cutting the fabric in pre-production — several layers are spread on top of each other to make the cutting process more efficient. The bottom plate of this knife goes under the fabric, cutting everything at the same time. The paper on top is called a “marker” and it includes all of the different pieces of the jacket that will be sewn together, configured like a puzzle to get the best use from the fabric.


You can see here – the pieces are nuzzled up right next to each other, so there’s minimal fabric waste.


This is the back – the curve is the neckline that will fall across the back of your neck!


So many pieces to this jacket — it’s a fairly complex garment with lots of little pieces that make it work.


After cutting, the sleeves are sewn together. Here’s a big pile! Below, getting ready to sew in the lining.


Sleeeves, up close.


A fully lined sleeve!


This is the shell of the jacket, before adding the sleeves.


Finished edge with the zipper that takes off the bottom portion – before sewing it on.


Thanks to all who have backed this project – we’re happy to be on-time and shipping the first 50 soon! 








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