Jenny Dress Update (and other exciting things!)

The first time we made this dress, it sold out in a weekend. So we’ve made another batch, slated to ship out next week! All of our pre-sale size small’s have been spoken for, but we’ve got medium and large up for grabs.

This is all a big lesson in supply and demand for us (and cash flow!). Add on the fact that we use deadstock fabric and have limited access to certain materials, and, well — put simply, we won’t get it right every time. But as we learn more about the styles you dig and colors you want, we’ll be able to adjust and increase production a bit.



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Between moving from Boulder to Denver a few weeks ago, the terrible flooding in Colorado, having three pieces in production, and hiring a Denver-based apprentice, well… it’s been a crazy few weeks.

Here’s what you’ll be seeing in the (very) near future:


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Yep, these are in production now and you’ll be seeing 5 new colors very soon. Huge thanks to all who voted for their favorite colors on Facebook.


It’s back! We were able to secure a bit more of this American-made deadstock fabric, so cutting begins this week and sewing happens next week. There are a few updates to make it easier to wear and adjust, too.


You’ll be seeing photos of the cutting and production as we move along. I’ll be cutting these in my new “workspace”  (ahem, living room floor #bootstrap) with a brand-new electric knife, so you’ll get the full effect…


The Cardigan Wrap Dress, the Winter Jenny, and some day-to-night, casual-yet-classy pants. They might even be a little bit versatile…

That’s it for this week. You’ll see us producing like wild on Facebook and Instagram over the next two weeks. Excited to share new goods with you!




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