Meet Ashlie & Erica


As the weather warms, I’m offering something else at Seamly — and talking openly about a new partnership I’m really excited about.

It all started last October. I sent you an email saying: 

Something special has been brewing behind the scenes — an awesome, unexpected collaboration with two women I grew up with in small-town Missouri. 

Let’s go back to 2011: As my then-co-founder Shannon and I were building our first clothing company, {r}evolution apparel, Ashlie and Erica were building Nula— sustainable, USA-made clothing that grows with kids. We were going through a lot of the same things at the same times: learning about sustainability, versatility, production, and business.

I reconnected with Ashlie and Erica last year (now based in NYC and LA), as they were pivoting away from Nula and starting to consider their next project. 

The more we talked, the more I realized our skill sets were a perfect match to work together. I timidly sent an email saying, “Are you ready for something crazy?!” — pitching them on collaborating with Seamly, and (I hoped) joining the team long-term. Ashlie is a designer-by-training, a Parsons alum, and has an eye for versatility and functionality. Erica is an operations, logistics, and analytics extraordinaire. They are both so talented, and I’m really lucky that they said, “yes.” 

Since then, we’ve been interweaving our businesses and ideas, collaborating on new projects (like the 8-in-1 bag) and exploring what a deeper partnership looks like. 

There are no words to describe how amazing it’s been working with two talented people who naturally embody the brand and the mission. We share a motivation to do good work and live a good life. On top of that, we share roots.

Ashlie and Erica will be phasing out of Nula and focusing on new projects, so we’re now offering their kidswear line, discounted, on Seamly. Perfect for the coming weather! It’s bittersweet (I love their mission at Nula) but the future looks EXCITING.

Together, we’ll be pivoting Seamly — to focus on truly effortless apparel that makes work, play, and travel even easier for women like you (and us!).

More soon. In the meantime, enjoy 40% off of Nula’s kidswear line!






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