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We’re currently in the middle of a #Versalette Challenge! READ HERE for more on what that means. It’s not too late to join!

One of the best parts of the #Versalette Challenge is the judges. It’s the best excuse (ever) for me to rope in friends and acquaintances working on really cool projects, and be able to share their stories here on the blog.

This summer, these three ladies will choose our winner for the #Versalette challenge (with a $100 gift card prize!).

A huge, major thanks to them for a) their inspiring sustainability projects and b) saying YES to joining us! (It’s not an easy job, trust me.)

Here they are!

Kristen Littlejohn-Lasker | Designer + Founder,

Imminent Rise

KRISTEN-LJ-240PXYou might recognize Kristen from our ‘team’ page. She was one of the first people I met at at the Denver Design Incubator, and has helped me SO MUCH by sharing her knowledge of the craft and industry.

Kristen’s USA-made line, Imminent Rise, is seriously gorgeous luxury essentials. (If you’re in Denver, you must check out her pieces at Goldyn and A-line Boutique. And if not, you can see her signature Orion Tank online here.) What I really love is what her brand is all about:

“We design for women on the rise - Right now, women are on the forefront of emerging in industries typically dominated by men. Imminent Rise is a brand for an upcoming generation of women that do not hold themselves to social molds. We believe in feminine strength and therein lies our passion for how we design the line.”

Follow Kristen’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

Katie Rock | CEO, Activyst

I “met” Katie a few years ago ({r}evolution apparel days!), via e-mail, and recently reconnected with her and her COO Leigh, over their LA-based company Activyst. Here’s her story:

“During a vacation to Nicaragua while still a lawyer, Katie began to notice boys playing sports everywhere, but wondered where all the girls were. She also knew that girls’ conditions in Nicaragua were extremely poor. She became obsessed with a thought: what if sports could be a tool to improve girls’ conditions?”

That’s how Activyst was born. Now, using responsibly-sourced materials and production practices, Activyst creates athletic products. Their sales fund sports projects for girls around the world, to encourage play, build confidence, and maintain mental and physical health.

Check out Activyst. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too.

Johanna Bjork | Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Goodlifer

I can’t quite remember how and when I discovered Goodlifer, but I really (really) dig their content — a positive, passionate spin on life and living well. Johanna is the editor-in-chief at Goodlifer and an amazing graphic designer (I’m in love). Some of her projects include the Fashion Revolution USA website/campaign, and the eco-fashion COCO Eco Magazine.

Here’s a bit about why Johanna started Goodlifer:

“She realized what bound all these experiences together was a desire to tell stories, and decided to start Goodlifer as a way of expressing this passion, with words as well as visuals. Fed up with negative doom-and-gloom prophecies, she wanted to offer a positive outlook for the future, and envisions Goodlifer as a place for like-minded people to come together and share great discoveries, thoughts, tips and reflections on a new definition of the Good Life.”

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve still got a few more days left in the #Versalette Challenge (until Monday at midnight) so join us if you haven’t already! If you want to see what it’s all about, search #versalette on Instagram or read more here.




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