Perfect Doesn’t Exist


I have qualms with every single fabric out there.

None are perfect.

I’ve struggled with this so much over the last three years, spending an unusual amount of time thinking about fibers and raw materials and how fabrics affect the planet.

At {r}evolution apparel, we researched organic cotton, bamboo, modal, tencel, recycled PET, and every other new-on-the-market option out there. We ultimately ended up working with a 100% recycled cotton/poly blend, and told our customers about the good and bad in the most honest way we could.


When I started creating pieces for, I was torn over fabric choices. I never want to be the type of person that vigilantly promotes one option without full disclosure. Organic cotton is not the best. Nor is bamboo. Or hemp, or modal, or tencel, or recycled PET. Every manufacturing process has an impact, and it is incredibly hard to weigh the trade-offs. Organic cotton requires more water in the dye process. Quick-and-sustainable-growing bamboo requires harsh chemicals to process the fibers. Melting PET plastic re-uses water bottles, but emits CO2 in the process.

Nothing is perfect.

IMG_1430Neither is deadstock. I love using out-of-production fabric, seconds, and leftovers, but I’m not encouraging the industry to think out-of-the-box when I buy this fabric. I’m not supporting a new way of manufacturing.

When I first got into the industry, people constantly said, “You can’t be so idealistic — you have to learn to compromise.” I found it offensive and abrasive and annoying. But I get it now.

Everything is compromise.

As long as I’m furthering the conversation about sustainability while making awesome apparel, I’m okay with imperfection. Deadstock is the best option for right now, but by no means does that make it “the best.”

It’s just another option in the responsible choices companies and designers have available to them right now. And I encourage, and applaud, any company trying to make advances in sustainability in whatever way works for them.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about deadstock and see some other companies using it, check out, Ecouterre, and GQ’s style blog. Resources are few and far between, but that’s all changing!

I’d love your thoughts on favorite fabrics, sustainable ideals, and companies you adore. We should all be a part of this conversation!






Kristin Glenn

Hi! I'm Kristin, the founder / designer at A few years ago, I became obsessed with sustainable fashion, co-founding {r}evolution apparel and Kickstarting "the Versalette" -- without knowing how to sew industrially or draft a pattern. Now, I'm going back to the basics, and learning how this big fashion machine works...

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