See (Your) Revamped Fall Designs!

A few months ago, we put our FALL STYLES up for vote.

With over 300 responses, edits, suggestions, and “must-have’s,” we’ve redesigned the pieces, making tweaks here and there in accordance with your feedback.

Annie (the newest addition to!) sketched out our fall designs, based on our originals and your votes.

We’re currently working with COsewn on patterns and samples, and turning these ideas into reality. We’ll share our final sewn pieces when they’re ready!

For now, here’s what we’re working towards (and what we’ve changed based on you!).


OK, OK! We added a button.

That was by far the biggest request. We’ve also added princess seams along the front and back to accomodate for bust / hips curves. I’ll say this about the first sample we’ve created: the fabric is AWESOME. It’s got stretch, but looks just like any other nice work blazer. So excited for this one.

The pockets in front: THEY WILL BE REAL! :)



The big request for this was to leave off the pocket, because it’s really hard to get a perfect pocket size and placement for different chest sizes. So we nixed that.

In the future, we’ll likely do a button-down version of this (there were many comments that a button-down would be more versatile, and I totally agree!). So look out for that in the future.


LOTS of you gave comments for these.

Real pockets in the front (for your chapstick, duh!) and well-placed pockets in that back. It sounds like pockets that are too big or too far apart are totally unflattering. So Annie and I did some research on the best pocket size / placement for awesome-looking butts, and are excited to get our first sample in from COsewn!

We’re also making these mid-rise as per your request. Too low-rise can be tricky for hips. Lots of “muffin tops” comments in the feedback. So these will be muffin-top-and-plumber-bum-free.


This was the popularity winner, and we didn’t get a lot of comments on changes.

So we’ll be making it pretty much as-is, with a chunky cowl, real pockets (and zippers) in front, a short, fitted cut, and thick, stretchy sweatshirt fleece.

We’ll be perfecting samples for the next month or so, and will show ‘em off once they’re finished. We’ll be pre-selling these sales for fall, and heading into production as soon as possible!



Kristin Glenn

Hi! I'm Kristin, the founder / designer at A few years ago, I became obsessed with sustainable fashion, co-founding {r}evolution apparel and Kickstarting "the Versalette" -- without knowing how to sew industrially or draft a pattern. Now, I'm going back to the basics, and learning how this big fashion machine works...

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