Update, Update! That 8-in-1 Bag.

A few months ago, we introduced the very first ever Seamly.co bag — of course, with tons of different options on ways to wear. You voted, gave feedback, and… it was a hit!


DESCRIPTION   OK, so, this was a clear winner. 318/322 people were totally feeling this bag! 

  • 95.2% of you like the reversible feature.
  • 81.4% like the black / camel color option. The next most popular option was to use black and replace the camel color with something like grey, navy, or tan.
  • 150 people (out of 322) like the antique brass hardware. Next was gunmetal, followed by pewter and gold (basically tied).
  • Most of you loved the size – it fits a 13″ laptop and we’ll be keeping it that way!
  • 80.2% would buy at our current (estimated) price point of $100 – $125. We analyzed all of the answers from those would wouldn’t buy, and are trying to address this as we move foward (perhaps a canvas option?!)

After the vote, we started making small edits based on your suggestions (testing out zippers instead of a magnetic closure, adding another pocket, rethinking the placement and size of the straps, adding a cross-body feature!). We’ve also been exploring manufacturing options, mostly in Los Angeles.

It’s been tricky. We’ve gotten quotes between $30 and $50 just to sew the bag – not including the fabric (which is double-sided, adding to the cost) or hardware.


We’ll have to keep searching and make sure we find the right factory at the right price. This week, Ashley (based in LA) is sending me some final swatch options for fabric, and hopefully the next step is to order sample fabric and have our first factory sample made. It’s a process – aways – but we’re working away on it!





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