ZERO WASTE: A fabric story.

Months ago, I met Teresa VanHatten-Granath via e-mail and immediately fell in love with her organization, Green Bag Lady.

GBL (Teresa and a group of volunteers) uses donated scraps to make fabric grocery bags. They give them away in exchange for a promise to re-use these bags instead of paper or plastic.

Here’s the crazy part… Green Bag Lady has given away over 27,000 bags since 2008!

And what about the little bitty scraps that can’t be made into bags? Those go into pet beds called “Scrappy Nappy” that are donated to local humane societies.

Teresa recently moved to Denver and has graciously offered to help turn scraps into pet bed filler. We’ve already donated some fabric, and Green Bag Lady has filled a few pet beds with it!

So far, scraps have been our biggest source of waste (much more than plastic or paper that comes out of our office). So this will be huge! We’ll be taking all of our scraps from the cutting room and donating to Green Bag Lady.

I met Teresa last week for a quick tour of her sewing studio (and a delicious lunch). I dropped off several garbage bags full of scraps that I’d been saving, and am SO EXCITED to continue turning our knits into pet-bed-filler for some cute little pups in need.

Meet Teresa, in this gorgeous video from Green Bag Lady!


And, here are a few photos I snapped in Teresa’s bright, colorful studio…

Learn more about Green Bag Lady here.

Huge thanks to Teresa for being such an inspiring, determined force of good. I am honored to be a part of this!



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